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Mandarin with Mrs. Zhao

Mandarin Class at Carden

Dear Parents and Students,

At Carden we are constantly looking for opportunities to bring world views into the classroom and prepare students for success in our increasingly global economy, where Mandarin is a critical language.  Young children can pick up sounds and vocabulary effortlessly. Mandarin is a tonal language, so ‘the earlier the better’ is the rule and it lasts a lifetime.  Mandarin fluency benefits both the individual student and the entire world. 

As an experienced Mandarin teacher, my philosophy of teaching a second language is that learning should be fun. We’ll sing, dance, speak, and play games in class. 

Mandarin classes are offered weekly to students in Junior Kindergarten through Middle School.  We begin with general greetings, introductions, the parts of the body, and numbers. We focus on meaning first, then imitation. I use cards and pictures to help the students understand the meaning of words and sentences, then learning to say them with me.

Language is a tool of communication. In the beginning stage we focus on listening and speaking. I use CDs with songs in every topic to make the class fun and help the students open their mouth easier. They are taught to speak with the right tones and pronunciation. 

Language is related to culture, so I introduce Chinese holidays, zodiacs, and legends to help them explore the Chinese culture. 

Students in Jr. K and Kindergarten focus on listening, speaking and singing.  First grade learns basic words and to write 
the Mandarin strokes correctly. Second Grade and up learn to read and write Mandarin words and Pinyin (the phonetic transcription of Mandarin characters). Third grade and up learn to write sentences and short passages in the computer, using their skills in Pinyin and expanding their use of grammar.

Thank you!

Mandarin Teacher: Yufang Zhao