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Mandarin with Mrs. Zhao

Mandarin Class at Carden

 Dear Parents and Students,

My name is Yufang Zhao. I am teaching Mandarin classes at Carden Academy.  I really feel excited to work with the teachers and parents and to work with the wonderful students here.

I have been teaching Mandarin at Goddard school for nine years and at Brain Child Education School for fifteen years. My philosophy of teaching the second language is learning in fun. We’ll sing, dance, speak and play games in class.

We’ll start from the greetings, self introduction, human body and numbers. I’ll show my text book to help them understand the meaning first, then to imitate.

Language is a tool in communication. In the beginning stage I focus on listening and speaking. I help every student open their mouths to speak. They are taught to speak with the right tones and pronunciation.

Language is related with culture. I introduce Chinese holidays, zodiacs and legends to help them explore the Chinese culture.

Grade Three and up class students learn to read basic Mandarin words and begin Chinese writing. 

My class room is always open. Teachers and parents are welcome to visit my class.

Thank you!

Mandarin Teacher: Yufang Zhao