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Music with Mrs. Stokes

Music is an important part of a Carden education because of its ability to increase memory and arithmetic skills, teach values, and express emotion and beauty.  In addition, music is a wonderful way to share culture and bring joy to our lives, as evidenced by the children's enthusiasm in singing. 

During October, the students have concentrated on learning solfege (do-re-mi), music intervals and forms, and a wide variety of songs, including folk, film, and Halloween songs.  We will soon begin to learn holiday songs to share at our December parent assembly.  I would love to highlight music from Christmas, Diwali, and any other holidays that are important to you and your family. Song recommendations or sheet music are welcome, and the office will ensure that I receive your suggestions.  

Starting in November we will be holding both music and staging rehearsals for our winter play, scheduled for the end of January. 

I love teaching music to your children, they are truly inspiring!