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Due to Covid-19 we are unable to offer Jr. Robotics at this time.

Jr. Robotics

Lego's are fun! Robots are challenging!


Lego's are artistic! Robots teach how to think!


The Lego Robotics Team is a wonderful new addition to Carden Cascade Academy. The team will put together interesting and intricate robotic designs from design prints, sets, and from their own minds. Then they will bring their robots to life with specialized computer software.


The possibilities with Lego's are endless! Aside from the enjoyment of building and designing, numerous Lego Robotics challenges and competitions are available nationwide. A video explanation of one of these championships is in the video below. Many Lego artists have been extremely successful and published the world over. See some of the examples to understand the possibilities of the Lego and Lego Robotics Universe:


Oregon Lego Robotics

Nathan Sawaya - "Brick Artist"

Lego Robotics Community

Sean Kenney - Lego Artist

Builders of Tomorrow

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