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About Carden Cascade Academy

What makes Carden Cascade Academy different?


Focus on Positive Values

At Carden we teach the whole child: not only do we teach academics, but we also teach critical life values such as integrity, kindness, respect, and gratitude.


Safe Learning Environment

No bullying. No violence. Nothing to worry about. Carden is a safe place for children to develop a passion for learning at an early age.


Individualized Program

At Carden we teach each child individually. We have small class sizes and the teachers spend a lot of one-on-one time with each student. This allows teachers to meet students where they are. Carden students consistently test in the top 3-12% in the Nation.


A Proven Teaching Method

Carden is a highly-successful teaching method where the subjects are interrelated and reinforced within and among grade levels, so what students learn in first grade is important to what they learn in second grade, and so on. History, geography, math, English... everything is integrated seamlessly to provide a strong foundation for all the students. At Carden we don't ask students to memorize lessons. Instead, we give them the tools so they can think for themselves.


Watch our video to learn more about Carden:

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