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Keeping in mind that Carden Cascade Academy is our students' place of business, we have established a Dress Code that includes uniforms, to give our students a traditional appearance that is free from the distractions, comparisons, and rivalries of the current fashion trends. All Junior Kindergarten through 8th grade students must wear Carden Cascade Academy uniforms, unless it is a free dress day.


We are convinced that a student who is neat, clean, and clothed in an acceptable manner is one who takes pride in his appearance and has respect for himself. Regular inspections are conducted by the classroom teacher. We require that sweaters, shirts, sweatshirts, and vests have our logo on them, that all items of clothing are marked, and that the child's general appearance is neat and tidy. A student not in uniform will be sent to the office to call for whatever is missing. Cooperation of the parents is essential.


A nice variety of clothing is available, and while dress uniforms are required each Friday and for some field trips, Monday through Thursday, students may choose from a variety of styles listed. For a complete listing of all styles by grades see the student/parent handbook. Visit Lands End's website.



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