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Welcome from the Director

Thank you for your interest in Carden Cascade Academy; a private school where children receive a classical, formalized, and joyful education. Carden Cascade Academy is one of many schools nationwide using the highly acclaimed Carden® Method along with the entire Carden® Curriculum. 


The goal of a Carden® teacher is to instill the desire to read, write, speak, and listen accurately in their students. The students are guided to develop good work habits and stamina in their daily work. A Carden® teacher cultivates the thinking mind through high achievements in language arts and the interrelationship of the core subjects of the curriculum. A Carden® teacher educates with respect to the individuality of each student in the classroom and fosters a respectful mind in the child to the individuality of their peers.


Our teachers regularly attend educational programs for professional development offered by the Carden Educational Foundation. Our membership in the Oregon Federation of Independent Schools supports our strong interest in contributing to a sound educational environment for the children of Portland and neighboring communities.

We welcome your visit by appointment. Come view the setting in which the rapport among teachers and children warms the heart of the learner for years beyond the school experience. It is the Carden® educational experience that has long been preparing our students for prosperity.
“Life is a joy, and so should be learning” 

                                         – Mae Carden

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