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Our Mission

Welcome to Carden Cascade Academy, Oregon's premier private school. Carden Cascade Academy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a superior classical education to children in Preschool through Eighth grade. Membership in the Oregon Federation of Independent Schools combines with a strong interest in contributing to a sound educational setting for the children in Portland and the neighboring communities since 1994. The Carden™ Method is a proven teaching system that emphasizes understanding, comprehension, independent thinking skills, and mastery of the fundamentals of education. Carden Cascade Academy appeals to families seeking academic excellence, civility, appropriate dress, safety, sportsmanship, and individuality. We offer a well-integrated and proven curriculum delivered by professionals who share a passion for working with children. This is confirmed by excellent performance on standardized tests.


Our required academic program includes art, music, drama, foreign language, physical education, and computer instruction in addition to the basic core subjects: language arts, mathematics, geography, history, and science. We discourage pressure and rivalry among our students, and we encourage individual growth and independence. We also support parental participation in school life.


Carden Cascade Academy encourages an appreciation of life, learning, culture, wisdom, superior standards, and fairness, along with a respect for work, whether it is school, volunteer, or professional. Our aim is to develop a well-rounded student who excels in academic areas, speaks well, is poised, acquires good manners, is cognizant of a proper code of ethics, understands his or her importance in the greater community, and appreciates the cultural aspects of life.

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